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Anti globalisation demonstration in Prague at international meeting with  IMF, World Bank & major industrial nations Sept 26 2000.<br />
Gerard, engineer at Gaz de France, (29), picture taken on a Prague street. "I play the tuba in a brass band called 'Front Musical d'Intervention' (the musical intervention front). Thats like the IMF, but in reverse, you see? I' m more a sympathizer instead of an active demonstrator. That's one of the reasons why I don't agree with Jose? Bove?, the famous French anti-globalistaion activist. He's used violence, wrecked a Mc Donalds restaurant. Not the right way to achieve your goals, I think. Some of his ideas are not so bad though. Just like him I'm afraid for a world goverment, afraid of the power of big corporations. These are subjects the IMF-delegates are discussing. I'm here for my future, to make a stand. The world needs to stay different. Just like Prague and Paris, the city where I live. Over there you need a licence to make music in the subway, over here you can just play without restictions. Let's make the world less-regulated.