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Anti globalisation demonstration in Prague at international meeting with  IMF, World Bank & major industrial nations Sept 26 2000..Marie Shaba, Tanzania, 'Professional Activist' (53). Picture taken in front of IMF conference center. "Forty years ago the World Bank advised my people to switch to high breed seeds. To make the transition easier we were offered subsidies to buy the seeds. When the World Bank decided to cut expenses, the farmers had to pay for the seeds themselves. They had to loan the money. At that time many other African countries had done the same the market was flooded with cheap crops. Because of this the farmers had to sell their land to pay of their debts. In that period the IMF programs started focussing on land reforms which made wide selections of land available for international investors. This is how many farmers became squatters of their own land. It's a sort recolonisation: without land you have no future and a man without a future is slave. That's how the IMF works..