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Martin Webster speaking at a National Front Rally in Fulham August Bank Holiday Monday 1981 while an official with the National Front. Andrew Brons extreme left. Nick Griffin (centre) later joined the British National Party (BNP) and became their leader in 2000. Joe Pearce, Bulldog editor, in black crew neck top.<br />
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Brons was a prominent member of the National Front, notorious for its extreme racism and violence, from its early days and was voted onto its national directorate in 1974. Later as the NF's education officer he hosted seminars on racial nationalism and tried to give its racism a more "scientific" basis.<br />
After the departure of John Tyndall from the NF in March 1980 Brons was promoted to NF chairman. One of his allies during this period was Richard Verrall, the author of Did Six Million Really Die?, with whom he edited the NF journal New Nation. In 1982 Brons led an NF march through Northfield on which marchers chanted: "we've got to get rid of the blacks".<br />
In June 1984 Brons was convicted of behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace following his arrest in Leeds while selling papers in a shopping centre.<br />
He and another NF member were heard shouting slogans such as "Death to Jews", "White Power" and "National Front". When approached by PC John Raj, Brons stated: "inferior beings like yourself probably do not understand the principle of free speech".<br />
Brons resigned as NF chairman in 1984 and later faded from public view. He has been a BNP member for around four years.