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Dundu and Worldbeaters - part of GDIF performing "Sense of Unity". Roman Road, London. July 1, 2017.<br />
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From the event programme:<br />
Sense of Unity brings the illuminated large-scale German puppet Dundu together with the UK’s LED-lit, high-energy, percussion ensemble Worldbeaters for the first time. As dusk falls, follow the band as they parade through Roman Road and discover both baby Dundu and the gentle giant Dundu. Will they find each other? Will they get on?<br />
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Enjoy the different musical worlds: from the West African Kora of Dundu, to the world inspired drumming riffs and rhythms of Worldbeaters in this moving and spirited processional event.<br />
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Both companies have enthralled and entertained audiences worldwide and this is the first opportunity to see them perform together in London.